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“It will be revealed that buddhi-yoga (yoga of wisdom) is a singular path. When buddhi-yoga is seen to be limited by the ideal of action, it is known as karma-yoga; when it extends beyond action up to the peak of knowledge, it is known as jñāna-yoga or sāṅkhya-yoga; and when, transcending the limitations of both action and knowledge it touches bhakti or devotion, it is then known as bhakti-yoga, or perfectly pure and complete buddhi-yoga.”
—Śrīla Bhakti Vinod Ṭhākur

Among an ocean of yogas, Bhakti Yoga, also known as the yoga of the heart, is a celebrated and ancient practice that connects consciousness with your daily actions. Considered by Vedic knowledge as the ultimate yoga, Bhakti Yoga is, yet, welcoming to people of all ages, faith and backgrounds.

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